Ready For Your Close Up ? Tips For Getting Your House Ready For Photos


  • remove fridge magnets
  • remove tea towels
  • wipe down cabinets and counter tops
  • clear away small appliances such as toasters and kettles
  • remove clutter from bench tops such as telephone books, sugar bowls, tissues etc.
  • remove any trash bins from view
  • clean appliances such as range hoods and ovens

Note: Removing clutter helps to make the house appear more spacious and enables a potential buyer to picture a room filled with their own belongings.


Bathroom & Laundry

  • wipe down bath tub
  • remove toiletries from vanity and shampoo bottles etc from shower
  • clean marks off mirrors
  • make sure lid is on laundry baskets and there is no visible clothing
  • either remove bath mats or match with towels
  • have towels hanging tidily on towel rails
  • replace old shower curtain ( if applicable )

Living Areas

  • add a few touches of colourful dêcor or fresh flowers
  • remove any photographs
  • clean carpets photograph better and make a good impression on inspection
  • set up dining table with your best dinner setting with candles and flowers ( white works best )
  • remove some furniture and rugs if in a small space.  It will make the house appear more spacious
  • place some candles around the place to make it look more inviting
  • remove items that might offend people that don't share your sense of humour or religious & political views
  • replace any missing light bulbs throughout the house



  • make sure beds are made and add a few extra cushions if possible
  • pack away any kids toys
  • clear any table tops of toiletries, photos and clothing
  • remove any valuable items such as jewellery boxes and put in a safe place
  • remove everything from bedside tables except bedside lamps
  • ensure bulbs are working in bedside lamps



  • close garage doors
  • clear away casual use items such as bicycles, hoses and garden tools
  • touch up shabby paint work on surfaces such as fences, & gates.
  • remove any garden trimmings & trash
  • mow lawns, trim shrubs & weed gardens & paths, clear leaves from gutters
  • remove obvious oil stains from driveway
  • remove any pet bowls, bedding, toys etc ( if applicable )
  • clean the pool ( if applicable )
  • rearrange pool furniture & maybe add a few cushions for the shoot ( if applicable )


A few minutes before the shoot


  • open window blinds & curtains to let light in
  • turn all lights on
  • turn off TV
  • hide remotes
  • light candles (if applicable )
  • place all toilet lids down
  • hide electrical cables from view
  • close garage doors
  • put pets outside if safe to do so
  • clear vehicles from curbside and driveways


Of course this checklist is optional, however, by doing these small things your property will present better in photos and more positive attention will be drawn to your property.